The MacIntyre Original Scoring System, MOSS for short, is a system of scoring rap (or other performances or compositions) front to back, by breaking a performance down into individual lines of rap and grouping those lines into pods.

A "Rhyme Pod" (just Pod for short) is: a group of rhymes that share end-rhyme, thematic link, or both.


How to score rap with MOSS:

Give a score between 1 and 10 (decimals are ok) to each rhyme pod - remember that you're scoring the entire pod, all lines of rap, not just the payoff lines.

In the inception phase of MOSS, the intent of the system was to evaluate every single bar of rap, and it was applied that way; this has been replaced with pod-based scoring to make the system more universally accessible. If you prefer to score line by line rather than summarily by pod, please do: score the lines of the pods individually, do a shorthand average of them:

(total points / # of bars in the pod)

and you have your out-of-10-pt-max score for that rhyme pod.

The MOSS spreadsheet will automatically weight each rhyme pod by multiplying your pod score by the number of bars of rap that pod contains.

This means, getting a high score on a large/long rhyme pod will do more for raising a rapper's overall MOSS score than getting a high score on a short rhyme pod. (For instance, riding a sophisticated end-rhyme pattern for 8 bars, and still making a sharp impact throughout, is more skillful than only being on the pattern for 2 bars, one to set up the pattern and one to punch with it.)

This is why it's important to score a rhyme pod in a way that includes all lines, not just the payoffs - scoring a long rhyme pod on only 1 or 2 of its bars is effectively ignoring the body of the rhyme pod and could be awarding more points than deserved.


As you score a rapper's rhyme pods, the MOSS spreadsheet will calculate that rapper's points per bar average for you.

Send your final points per bar scores to @skipmacintyre to have your score added to the tally for that MOSS sheet!

Your entire tweet should read:

@skipmacintyre (Rapper A) (x.xx) (Rapper B) (x.xx) #mossrapscore

(for example, @skipmacintyre Bigg K 5.74 Illmaculate 6.01 #mossrapscore)


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